The LOW-FLYERS originally started to come together in 1982, then as a breakaway group from an existing club in the New Forest area of the South of England but soon expanding to take in members from London, the Thames Valley and Nottingham.

Although a small group, at its zenith only ever having eleven members, the LOW-FLYERS gained much notoriety in England and throughout the world in the mid nineteen eighties when the club ethos of building and driving nostalgia style Hot Rods was adopted.

Originally shunned by the mainstream street rod movement of “park and talk” shiny street rodders, and negatively labelled in the press as “The non representative 1% of Hot Rodders” the LOW-FLYERS became the club now considered to have been responsible for re-igniting interest in nostalgia hot rods, not only in the UK but throughout the world.

The term “The growing 1%” was quick to catch on, and now it would seem that this small initial movement
pre-dated what is today mainstream